Liebrecht & wooD Group employs more than 150 professionals.
Together we are an international team with broad competences - managers,
analysts, engineers, financiers, lawyers, and specialists in real estate
management, leasing and marketing. We are committed to generating benefit
for the Group and for the investors who have trusted us with their capital.
We look to the future with optimism, constantly tracing new paths
on the fascinating real estate market.

lover of the good taste of life

Mia13 years at the company

healthy lifestyle

Katarzyna10 years at the company

digital painting

Agnieszka2 years at the company

flowers and ornamental shrubs

Magdalena 2 years at the company

dancing, traveling, good food

Aleksandra9 years at the company

healthy lifestyle

Karolina 2 years at the company

travel fan

Kasia1 year at the company

food and travel

Jakub 3 years at the company

pizza and pasta lover

Patrycja3 years at the company

art lover

Monika9 years at the company

interior design and travel

Veronica13 years at the company

amateur mycologist

Andrzej 3 years at the company

mountains and aviation

Leszek 19 years at the company


Kamila 2 years at the company

riding mountain and road bikes

Mariusz14 years at the company

travel, reading and cars

Simona3 years at the company

discovering surprising places

Magdalena13 years at the company

travelling and interior design

Denisa8 years at the company

spending time actively with family

Anna13 years at the company

traveling and reading

Paulina 8 years at the company

folk and Latino dancer

Sylwia5 years at the company

spending time actively

Magdalena 7 years at the company

music and travel lover

Cornelia1 year at the company

music and concert lover

Edyta10 years at the company

dogs lover

Izabela 2 years at the company

photography and fashion

Kamila9 years at the company

architecture and home staging

Aneta17 years at the company

travel lover

Andrei0 years at the company

traveller to adventure parks and exotic destinations

Iuliana7 years at the company

sailing and diving

Aleksandra 6 years at the company

big enthusiast of hunting and fishing

Viorel4 years at the company

design solutions

Katarzyna 1 year at the company

trekking & design lover

Aneta7 years at the company

triathlon and techno lover

Kasia3 years at the company

cycling fan

Maciej6 years at the company

big fan of motorcycle sports

Daniel11 years at the company

painting with oils

Marek 26 years at the company



„We are proud of our projects and the people behind them. Today, a good idea is not enough in the real estate industry. It would help if you still had an ambitious team, one capable of hard work and aware of trends. We managed to build one, just like that. It's thanks to it that we achieve constant growth and receive awards, both in Poland and abroad."

MARC LEBBE Managing Director

„More than three decades of uninterrupted activities is a great success, but also a great responsibility. It is our goal to ensure synergy between the character of the locations where we operate and the uniqueness of our projects."



Brendon has been a partner of the Liebrecht & wooD Group for over 10 years. As Managing Director and founder of FASHION HOUSE Group, he is responsible for the four current centres in the portfolio, and the sales and commercialisation of the latest residential project Lizeria de Lac in Romania. Privately, Brendon has two beloved daughters Rosie and Molly and is a self-confessed "petrol head" and classic car fanatic with a passion for travel.

BRENDON O'REILLY Equity Partner in FASHION HOUSE Group FASHION HOUSE Group Managing Director

Magdalena has been with the Liebrecht & wood Group for over 20 years. As CEO of Liebrecht & wooD Poland, she is responsible for the implementation of pioneering development projects in Poland and management of over 70 people in the Group's Warsaw headquarter. Privately, passionate humanist, lover of art, travelling and off-piste skiing. Mother of 3 daughters.

MAGDALENA BARTKIEWICZ-PODOBA Liebrecht & wooD Poland Chief Executive Officer Poland

Sorin joined Liebrecht & wooD in 2016 with the mission to develop the Group's Romanian headquarters into one of the top players in the local real estate industry. As CEO he is having a significant contribution to the company's growth, by developing the strategic vision and managing the retail and development operations of Liebrecht & wooD on the Romanian market. In his free time, you'll find Sorin riding his motorcycle or singing with his friends.

SORIN IOAN BLAGA Liebrecht & wooD Romania Chief Executive Officer Romania